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Thoughtform for 1998

Through the activity of the green Flame of Truth, I relinquish all the power I have ever given to my outer self; all the power I have ever given to others; and all the power I have ever given to the shadows I have created. I now happily accept and will constantly use the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love in my life so that all imperfection within or around me shall quickly be transmuted back into perfection through the divine alchemy of beloved Saint Germain's Sacred Violet Transmuting Flame.

Theme for 1998

Purified by the Sacred Violet Fire, I AM now centered in the Immortal, Victorious Threefold Flame of Divinity within my heart. I rededicate and reconsecrate my conscious mind and feelings to remembering that as I think, speak and walk, the Presence of God within me is widening the borders of our Father-Mother God's Kingdom.


*I AM a Light Bearer!


So be it, beloved I AM!

* * *

Thoughtform 1999