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Thoughtform 1997

Through the balancing activity of the sacred Violet Transmuting Flame, my seven bodies have truly become one, and I now fully enter the consciousness of the Christ. One with this great Body of Light, I will consciously remain connected with the mind of God at all times, focusing my full attention upon the qualities of truth, healing, concentration and consecration. Manifesting the perfect example of God's Will on Earth, I will endeavor always to awaken the Presence of the Christ in all life.  

Theme for 1997 

As I accept the fullness of Christ Consciousness in my life, I AM now firmly anchored in the Flame of God's Truth. From this perfected state of being, I charge the essence of healing and comfort throughout my entire being and world and those of all humanity.  

*I AM a pillar of green healing flame for myself and all my brothers and sisters in the family of man. (*3X) I AM THAT I AM! So be it, beloved I AM!


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Thoughtform 1998