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Thoughtform for 1996 

Centered within the sacred Threefold Flame of our own divinity and charged with the raising, buoyant power of the mighty Ascension Flame, the desire to serve the highest good of all life becomes the divine directive in our lives.  

To this end, we joyfully surrender now in deep humility, every thought, feeling, word and deed less than cosmic Christ purity, elevating our consciousness and becoming one with our Father-Mother God.  

From this day forth we will channel through our collective I AM Presence―The Body of Light―the perfectly balanced activity of love, wisdom, and power, ever expanding the gifts of harmony, peace, and brotherhood throughout our entire planet Earth.


Theme for 1996

Purified by the sacred Violet Fire and fully aligned with the perfect will of our Father-Mother God, I AM filled with the love of Holy Spirit. Within this state of consciousness I now command the flame of purity to EXPAND, EXPAND, and FOREVER EXPAND through every electron of my being.

As my four lower vehicles become one with my higher self, I AM gently lifted above all illusion by the mighty Ascension Flame and I now know my light... my life... touches all, for I AM part of an activity designed to reacquaint all humankind with their flame and their light!

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Thoughtform 1997