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Thoughtform for 1995

As the Star of Love, Wisdom, and Power brightly shines forth from within our hearts, the way to Christ Consciousness is made clear and we constantly follow the radiant Star of our True Being. Behold! The true Son of God has come forth on Wings of Light.

The Christ stands forth clothed in the Flame of Holy Spirit and offers the Pink Rose of Love to the humankind of Earth. Accepting this Eternal Gift we receive the full outpouring of Enlightenment through Understanding and Divine Love. As the Holy Spirit in action, we charge every thought, feeling, word and deed with the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love.

Theme for 1995

Through the Power of the Sacred Fire and the Golden Light of God Illumination, I now consciously enter the flaming Presence of Holy Spirit, whose sacred essence, the Fire Breath of the Almighty, flows to and through me in constant rhythmic pulsations.

My physical body, filled with love, is now shining and invincible. My etheric vehicle radiates love and transmutes the past. Love in my mind insures the expression of only divine thoughts. Love in my feelings reaffirms that God is the only power acting. I AM THAT I AM and *My Light is daily and hourly increasing! (*3X)   

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Thoughtform 1996