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Thoughtform for 1994

Through the Glory of the Ages, a magnificent Light appears. It is the First Flame of Life and all God's Creation contains its spark.

Centered within the Sacred Violet Fire, the humankind of Earth now listen with their hearts and follow the Star.

Kneeling before the Flame of God's Divine Principle, we hold the sacred chalice of our consciousness high, receiving and radiating forth the Golden Light of God's Wisdom, Illumination, and Understanding, manifesting the perfection of the Christ in all life.

Theme for 1994 

I stand forth purified and transmuted by Violet Fire and claim my full momentum of God Illumination right now!

I AM THAT I AM, and my aura radiates the pure essence of my Causal Body. 

*I AM a radiating sun of my own God Perfection! (*3X)  

So be it, beloved I AM!

* * *  


Thoughtform 1995