Special Address

Lady Donna Grace

January 23, 1988

I bring you the blessings of Lady Mercedes in her own words...... “I shall lift you up on the wings of an Eagle, and you will soar like a Dove”. Since the Music Festival of the Arts in Santo Domingo, the Angels of Music have formed a canopy over the entire Island, and it is pulsating with glorious tones of heavenly spheres.

"Ave Maria.... Hail Mary, full of Grace! Blessed art Thou among women." When I say the word 'women' - I mean all people of this planet. Look deeply in the Flame within your heart, and see the awakening Christus, calling to you for help.... help for all humanity.

We have sent representatives from Shamballa to see how you give the Light and show the Light to all men. We shall send representatives all over this planet because of the example and the perfect pattern which you have set. This is not to strengthen your ego, but for you to serve in humility for the rest of your embodiment. “Ave Maria”.... what a sacred salutation. Bow to the awakening Christus within, and vow daily to carry out the instruction which you have been given. The Light coming forth from the Dominican Republic is like a shining star in the crown of Lady Virgo. Blessed Virgo... Lady of Light, forced through the years to wear a heavy garment through the transgressions of humanity from the Way of Light.

Feel... oh feel deeply, the love which I send to you. You have known me through the years as Lady Altagracia, and I AM now able to speak to you in the higher vibration of Donna Grace. Altagracia and Donna Grace.... one and the same.... but I do have the privilege now, as Donna Grace, to give you instruction in this higher vibration. You have earned this through your dedicated service to the Light. I bow to the Light within your hearts, and the hearts of all humankind, and I wish to tell you.... particularly the members of this household, as in the "House of God", to call upon the Beloved Lady Kwan Yin, who has been known through the ages as the guardian of the household, any time you require assistance. She will hear your calls, and give you the help you require.

Blessed is he who follows the dictates of his own Christus within his heart flame! Whenever this is done, it travels far and wide, expanding, expanding and expanding, until the entire planet is filled with the Grace and Love of the Holy Family. The Holy Family, in this instance, is all the children on the planet Earth, for are we not all children of the Father-Mother God, given permission to come to planet Earth, to bring forth a certain portion of the Divine Plan? You have done exceedingly well, and you shall continue to so do, for I know.... I look within your hearts and I see that enfolding rose, the Rose of Light. I hold you in the palm of my hand, and I shall hold you there until you attain your full freedom in the Light. Blessed are you, oh Children of the Light. Follow the pattern which you have set, and know without a question or a doubt. Many, many more will be attracted to your particular focus.

We are particularly grateful that you have begun classes for the youth. It is so important, for the youth are the hope of the future. It is your responsibility as parents and guardians, to guide them carefully on the path of Light. Fear not, my children, for the Ascended Host of Light walks with you at all times. They are with you, waking and sleeping, to assist you to fulfill the Divine Plan. Blessings to all the members of your individual households  -  and know that Lady Kwan Yin is a Lady of Mercy, and will assist you at all times. Thank you, my children for your kind attention and I bow to the Light within your hearts and the hearts of all humanity. Thank you and God Bless you.

Lady Donna Grace



What exactly is "constancy of endeavor"? It is the capacity to follow through a piece of work from its inception to its completion; the capacity to recognize a vocation in which the lifestream might be of benefit to the race and then to accept the years of training, discipline, learning and serving to become proficient in that vocation; the capacity to receive a Divine inspiration, vision or pattern and to devote rhythmically a goodly portion of one's life and substance to clothing that vision with form that is available to one's fellowman (words, example, literature, etc.). Constancy is the capacity to single out one particular service and then refine the mind purify the feeling and etheric consciousness and discipline the flesh so that the service receives the best of the developed capabilities of the individual consciousness.







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