Special Address

Lady Mercedes

January 10, 1988

I will raise you up on Eagle's Wings and you will soar like a Dove.

As the Mother of the Seventh Root Race children I AM deeply interested in their PROTECTION. I request that upon awakening each morning you center yourself in the Christ within and, bowing humbly before The Christ, ask that you will be guided to protect the children of ALL ages.

You must understand that my children are of all ages, and require instruction and protection at all times. You have a special opportunity this year under the loving wisdom and protection of the Master Kuthumi. His Brotherhood, from various focuses throughout the world, eagerly await you call, and they, at all times, help you with your instruction and protection of the little children. As I stated before, these little children are of all ages  - they are my children, and they may be young in earth years, or they may already be parents and guardians themselves - but they will always be my children, as every Mother knows. HOWEVER much you grow there always is, and always shall be, more of the Spiritual Law for you to learn and then to give forth, PRAY my children, let US hear more of your PRAYERS, for humankind has forgotten how to PRAY - PRAY that you will be OBEDIENT to the Law of Life. Though you should not seek reward. Great WILL BE your reward at the close of this embodiment.

Think of the blessed children who have embodied in previous years and those yet to come. They are my jewels - they are pure illumined children and require all the protection against the ways of your world. I pray that you will remember the little children who are part of my Being. Continue in your calls for their protection - for it is so essential, for there are many forces who desire that you, and they, shall veer off the path of righteousness, and often these forces are disguised as "light". Feel now the great love of my Being and my desire to protect YOU. ALL the Ascended Host of Light are most anxious to protect you and eagerly await your calls.

Love thy neighbor as thyself, for in so doing you honor the Christ for we know that in Christ Consciousness we are all ONE.

I will lift you up on the wings of the Eagle and you will soar like a Dove, fulfilling the Divine Plan and KNOW without a question of a doubt, that you will be successful, because we will guide you, and guard you for you have signified your desire to bring illumination and wisdom to the peoples of this planet. I assure you again that I will hold you in the palm of my Hand. We are each one cell, one tiny cell, in the heart of the Father/Mother God. You, my beloved are obedient children, and I ask you to continue, and great will be your reward.

I bless you with the Light of the Cosmic Holy Spirit pulsating in the Ethers over Shamballa and within your heart, for you would not have life but for the breath of the Holy Spirit. I thank you, and I count on YOU, Children of the Light, for your cooperation.

I thank you, and may God bless you.

Lady Mercedes




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