Special Address

Lord Zadkiel

November 1988

"I AM" come to you along the central beam of The Ray from the Great Central Sun, and I stand within the Invincible Protection of The Mighty Sacred Violet Fire! "I AM" radiating that Sacred Violet Fire through every fiber of your Being, here and now!

"I AM" come to speak to you of what seems to be disharmony in your world at the present time...... and I would like to emphasize the word SEEMS! It is only an illusion...... but the illusion has been created, fed and perpetuated by the negativity of the human race. Once a manifestation has been created, it does not wish to die, no matter how miserable a creation it may be. However, once you have blazed the Sacred Violet Fire through that manifestation, the Cosmic Bell has sounded, and the Edict has gone forth! The TRANSMUTATION MUST COME. The more you blaze the Violet Fire, the more quickly will come your freedom.

To the unenlightened one, outer manifestation is a measuring stick of a situation. To the Chela and the Light Bearers this MUST NOT BE SO! With the proper understanding, and the continual use of The Violet Fire, these manifestations will soon adjust themselves into harmonious activity.

Karmic Law says that negative energy must be transmuted by the one who sent it forth. This is true, and it is what the Master Jesus referred to when He said "The Law must be fulfilled completely". However, he also spoke of forgiveness and compassion and of the Grace of God, and these qualities are embodied in the Violet Fire. Use the Violet Fire secure in the Absolute Faith that it is TRUTH!

Use the Violet Fire unrelentingly! This is the greatest gift that has been extended to the race of humankind to help you to help yourselves, others and the entire Planet!

As for the outer world, let no appearance disturb your absolute inner calm and peace. Let no appearance pull you from the center of your Being, where The Christ abides in Radiant Glory.

Lord Zadkiel

* * *


Saint Germain's Ascension Day                    Monday, May 1st

Ascension Day (Master Jesus)                     Thursday, May 4th

Gautama's Day of Enlightenment                  Monday, May 5th

Mother's Day                                             Sunday, May 14th

Pentecost,                                                   Sunday, May 14th

Wesak Festival                                           Saturday, May 20th





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