Assimilation and Expansion of the Electronic Pattern

Kenich Ahan

May 1988


(The Golden Flame of Light Eternal)

The Sacred Mountain of Uxmal, near Merida, Mexico

ELECTRONIC PATTERN: A Golden Sunburst with an Aureole of the Seven Rays. Each Circle increasing its outpouring in great waves of Light until it covers the entire Planet.

Hail, Children of Light, I greet you from the Ancient Temple of Light at Yucatan, wherein we guard the Tablets of Pure Gold upon which are written the Sacred Teachings of the Ages!

Children, the Golden Light of the Illumination of the soul is such a precious Essence and when one permits that Sacred Golden Light to consciously flow through their beings, the reward is magnificent.

"I AM" here today with a special message to all who have ears to hear. I speak in regard to the chaotic conditions daily being energized in the minds and souls of men, that form of greed which is an entity of the most violent nature. Everywhere one sees what greed is doing in the hearts of those world leaders of nations who are inciting their followers for supremacy over others. This is one of most insidious kinds of greed which is ruthless to the very core.

In order to attain World Peace, to which so many good people on this Earth are so tenaciously clinging, the cause and cores of greed must be eliminated, and the process can be done through the use of the Sacred Fire. While the various factions are hourly devising ways and means of overthrowing their neighbors, in the Name of the Supreme Creator of this Universe, I beg you to form your own invisible army of dedicated souls who are willing to give of their time and energy to CALL and CALL and CALL for the removal and transmutation of these seething masses of infectious substance which are being constantly infiltrated into the consciousness of those who have yet to be spiritually illumined.

Privileged "I AM" that my Creator has permitted me to be the Guardian of this Sacred and ancient Focus of Light in a strategic position on this Earth's surface. Our Brotherhood is without cessation radiating forth the Light of the Sun, focused here by the God-Parents, Helios and Vesta, to the peoples of this Globe. You are aware that this Focus is the One on this Planet wherein the Beloved God-Parents have a specific anchorage of their Great Light.

I come to ask you to cooperate with our Brotherhood, and the request is simple and puts no hardship on anyone. It is of the most vital importance that the souls of men receive more Divine Illumination. This cannot be accomplished until the blind disintegrating forces of hatred and greed are removed from their beings. Call for the removal of the causes and cores, the initial pulsations of those disintegrating factors to be removed from the beings of the people of this Earth, and ask that they be replaced by God Illumination. Our Brotherhood will be at attention, on the alert, at all times and will consciously serve with you to fill the beings and worlds of all men with the Sacred Light which we do humbly guard. No two radiations can be present at the same identical moment, in the same place. It is either that of Light or darkness.

You hear from time to time of the various Orthodox Religions praying for Peace. This is good, and the energy which they release in their prayers is being taken up and used for that very purpose. But, the children under the specific direction of the Cosmic and Ascended Beings, who accept their Presence in the Universe, who will follow our instructions, can accomplish in a much shorter period of time that World Peace, through the removal of the causes and cores from which war emanates. These initial pulsations MUST BE REMOVED, for when a Peace of a fashion is accomplished, if the cause is not removed, that would again fester and later burst sending out its poisonous substance.

World conditions are of a more grave nature than anyone on this Planet is aware, and upon whom can we depend on this Earth for assistance, than the children who have had such a privilege as you who know the ways and means of cooperation with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Granted, many of you do call for World Peace, but the intensity of the calls and the number who are engaging in this activity is not sufficient. The Nations of this Earth are, in your parlance, 'sitting on a powder keg' and, beloved ones, that includes you. It is your responsibility, your duty, your balance to the Cosmic Law to consciously and dynamically, and rhythmically, be about the Fatherís Business in using the Divine Alchemy of Transmutation for the safety and illumination of the multitudes who inhabit the Earth.

I say in all the Authority of my own individual identity, it is your DUTY to assist at this time. The Cosmic Law will only allow us to assist you to a certain extent, and the Command is this instant being issued and sanctioned by the God-Parents of this System, Beloved Helios and Vesta, that you are required to cooperate with us in this hour, if you wish further benefactions from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Shall we say, that the Command has been given from "On High" and your further Spiritual evolution at this time is up to YOU! If I sound forceful to you, I shall just add, the service in which we wish you to enlist is imperative at this hour!

Should you desire to visit our Focus and Brotherhood for more Divine Illumination, our doors are open to you, and now enfolding you in my Mantle of Pure Golden Light.

"I AM" your Counselor and Sincere Friend,

Kenich Ahan





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