Easter Conference

Mother Mary

March 31, 1988

My Beloved Children of the Light, I truly welcome this opportunity to speak with you that all our energies may blend as ONE.

As I lovingly watched and protected the child Jesus from infancy through his growing years, know that I do the same thing for each lifestream on the Earth.

I have the privilege of anointing each soul when it is ready to take embodiment on the Earth, and that same service will continue.

When your love is tuned in to me, you tune in to the momentum which I have gained and gathered throughout the centuries. I look into the requirement of the hour, according to your own Divine Blueprint, and provide as much loving and healing energy as you are capable of receiving and utilizing.

It is essential that you learn to build a reservoir in your own Consciousness of all the Virtues and the Qualities of the Supreme Source, for in so doing you can externalize the Will of God for yourself and for your fellow traveler. As you know, "LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE", and the Blessings can be UNIVERSAL in scope.

It was my privilege and experience to hold the Immaculate Concept of Perfection for my child, Jesus, from conception, through childhood, his growing years, and to hold on to that concept of perfection through his maturity. You, also, can do this for your children, and your children’s children, through maturity and for all time. Hold the image of perfection and Godliness and hold in your consciousness only thoughts of beauty and loveliness and Godliness, and that is what will manifest. Thoughts are real things they are ever powerful, and that which you think comes to be. THINK LOVELY THOUGHTS.

May your energy be the energy of God Perfection, and by holding yourself in a State of Grace, that Divine Love will radiate forth from your Presence as a Blessing and a Healing Force to all life. We, in the Higher Realms, can also use your energy, blending with our own, to answer the constant pleas for assistance that we receive from the Children of Earth.

Enter daily, deeply, and Divinely, and be ONE with your True Source - The Christus abiding within the Holy Flame of God, "I AM", at the center of your Being - that perfectly balanced activity of Love, Wisdom and Power. Make a SUPREME EFFORT to be 'centered' at all times, and KNOW that I LOVE YOU.

The Heavenly Host is enfolding you in their Hearts and is ready and anxious to assist you. Remember, in all humility, that all you have to do is to ASK and you shall RECEIVE, for YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD and "I AM" holding you in the Palm of my Hand.  

Mother Mary





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