Special Address

El Morya

March 6, 1988

Good Morning, Dedicated Friends of Light. You know how I like to speak to you, and I shall do that this morning. I bring you greetings from our Brotherhood at Darjeeling.

International Unity is a point I wish you would concentrate on all through this month. Keep on working on this, particularly this month.

Some of you will remember that many years ago I asked you to select a particular member in government, and ask that he be brought to our Temple at Darjeeling. This was so that our Brotherhood could assist him in selecting the right way to proceed to bring Peace to his government. Some of you have remembered, and some of you have not, but that is the human way, so forget that!

But now I ask you to remember. I ask you from the very depths of my Being to please, please,...... work for International Unity in any way that you feel will be most effective. Remember too, we are always ready and willing, ready and willing, to help bring Universal Peace.

I ask you also remember that we have told you how important it is now for you each to have Peace within. This is essential at this time. Remember the Glorious Peace of God within! This is what I want you to do!

Serve always in this way.... day and night.... ask that God will send forth Peace through your Being. Remember that you are God in action. The old adage, 'Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me!' does carry that instruction. In so doing, the radiation of your being will flow out to all life, and the hearts of humanity will begin to feel, oh, so different, about the activity of the world, I know! I will hold my attention on bringing Peace to this Planet.

It is up to you... our dedicated chelas, to remember that the Christ within is the Peace vibration, and through that you shall be messengers of Peace to all life. Peace shall come to this Earth, but it requires a concentrated effort. Keep on keeping on, dear friends. "I AM" Peace, "I AM" God in action at all times. Together we shall see the glorious essence of Peace...... that golden light with a pink radiance, going forth to all life. I AM with you always and I shall remain with you all the time you are on the Planet Earth, as well as in the Heavenly Realms.

Thank you, dear children. I love you.

 El Morya

* * *


Saint Germain's Ascension Day               Sunday, May 1st

Gautama's Enlightenment                        Sunday May 8th

Mother's Day                                         Sunday, May 8th

Ascension Day (Master Jesus)                     Thursday, May 12th

Pentecost                                                 Sunday, May 22nd

 Wesak Festival                                        Tuesday, May 31st


* * *




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