Special Address

El Morya

January 31, 1988

In reverence to Beloved Lady Mercedes... I want to place deep into your consciousness the words of the blessing which she has given to us...... I will lift you on the wings of an Eagle, and you will soar like a Dove."

You have prepared a wonderful forcefield for that which I have to tell you. Today I will take you on a historical journey. When the Ascended Master Saint Germain embodied as Columbus, he set sail to discover the New World. At that time, he stopped first at the beautiful Dominican Republic. You have physical evidence of his visits here, and he spent much time establishing focuses of the Violet Fire in this country. The vibration of these focuses can be felt in many places, particularly in the historic home of Columbus, called "Columbus House", and in the final resting place chosen for him in the beautiful Cathedral in the Old City. Blessed are you to abide here.

Now we will travel across the waters and go to the physical Focus of Shamballa on Long Island. Then, on the Rainbow Rays of Light, we will go to the Rocky Mountain Retreat in Wyoming, and then proceed northward to Canada, to the focus of Archangel Michael, expanding the beautiful radiation of Violet Fire as we travel. It is so important to use the Violet Fire of Transmutation and the Protection of Lord Michael. You do this so well, and I AM so grateful. As the radiation travels all over this planet through the example which you set in your actions as chelas of the Spiritual Hierarchy, others will feel the stirring of the Christus within their beings, and will emulate your actions. All of us are grateful for this focus of Light, and the power which you generate in Love. It flows and flows and flows until it covers the planet, being taken up by others who are spiritually inclined. By the time the New Age has fully dawned, all will be in Divine Order. Blessed be the Holy Name of our beloved Saint Germain, Hierarch of the New Age! And Blessed be the Sacred Violet Fire, which is transmuting all that is less than perfection in the planet Earth.

Continue, continue, continue on with your work, knowing that the Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are deeply grateful for your every effort to free the Earth of all impurity. Bow deeply within your hearts, and thank the Presence of All Life for the privilege of being in embodiment at this time to render such a service.

I bless you with the Love of the Spiritual Hierarchy in the Etheric Temple of Shamballa, and all over the planet. God Bless you and Thank you!

El Morya




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