South American Conference

Saint Germain

November 26, 1987

Good evening, my Friends of Light, I love you.

How wonderful it is to come into such a HARMONIOUS forcefield. The radiation is glorious, for nothing can compare to the song of the physical voice in complete harmony. MUSIC is a tremendous instrument of the Light when it is harmonious and beautiful, and I AM so very grateful for your outpouring of LIGHT. This Light goes forth from this Sanctuary to enrich the HARMONY OF THE SPHERES, thereby Blessing All Life. "I AM" truly grateful.

Now, at this time of Thanksgiving, each man has something to be grateful for, and must acknowledge that gratitude - sending a radiation of gratitude to join the great forcefield in the Realms of Light. GRATITUDE is essential for your progress in Light.

And now, my dear children, I would have you visualize a beautiful golden cornucopia. This is the Symbol used at the time of Harvest, and it has a great momentum. A magnificent Seraphim holds this cornucopia, and slowly revolves, with a spiral of Angels in attendance. Each Angel brings a flower to each one of you, and this is my Blessing at Thanksgiving to you. This tiny little elemental has been prepared for this specific moment to bring a little gift to you - a Being of Humankind. But first, this little elemental had to have the DESIRE to come to you, before the training commenced. You know, each one of you is like a flower, with petals ever opening as you absorb more information and instruction, and therefore more understanding of the Light. The Light of God flows through you at all times.

I KNOW, without a DOUBT, that the Harvest which you are presenting to the Lord of the World, Gautama, will be rich indeed.

People in the outer world visualize a harvest of fruits and vegetables, a gift which they bring from the Kingdom of Nature. But I tell you, there is another harvest - the harvest right within your own beings, showing us what you have accomplished during the last twelve months. You have raised the vibratory action of your vehicles and this will continue to rise higher and higher as you serve your fellowman and all life upon this planet. For in SERVICE lies SALVATION. We live but to SERVE in the Ascended Realms, and I know that at this time in your own evolution that YOU will SERVE. SERVICE is a beautiful way of living. Feel the GRATITUDE of the Father-Mother God for the harvest of the richness of the God Virtues, of the God Qualities which they have bestowed upon this earth, and which you have reaped. As you well know, each member of the Ascended Host has a specific gift to bring to Human Life - and it is beautiful etheric substance. It is a gift of LIGHT. To you, and All humanity, I say and pray, that you will help your fellow traveler. The best way you can serve is to SHARE YOUR LIGHT. Share the Light of your own being. The more you send out, the more you give, according to Cosmic Law which is Eternal, the more you will RECEIVE. You have an endless Treasure Chest in your own being and your own HOLY CHRIST SELF will dispense all these gifts around you. The gift of PERFECTION, of LOVE and ABUNDANCE at all times is yours. Children of The Light, I AM so very grateful to KNOW and to SEE how faithful you have been. You may have stumbled at times, but you have now COME HOME. You have COME HOME, TO DWELL WITHIN THE CHRIST WITHIN!

Feel the Benediction of your own Holy Christ Self enfolding you in Its LOVE, and feel the Benediction of your own Holy Christ    Self flowing out to All Life Everywhere.

The Holy Triumvirate at Shamballa enfold you in their Love and the Cosmic Dove of the Holy Spirit enfolds you, so that you may go forward on your Path in Peace for the requirement of the hour is PEACE. How man requires PEACE! And that PEACE is now yours, the Peace which passeth the understanding of the human mind, IS YOURS. A gift from the Cosmic Holy Spirit through his representative on this earth - Paul, The Maha Chohan.

Blessing you with the Light of Love, the Light of the Universe, The LIGHT ETERNAL, I thank you.

Saint Germain




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