Oh, Beloved Presence of God, I AM in me, I bow in humble Gratitude for the opportunity of service with which I have been presented in this embodiment. I acknowledge your Presence in all Life and dedicate my Life and my Light to establishing your glorious Kingdom on our Earth.

Beloved Kuthumi, I invoke your Presence now, to direct the Flame of Illumination through my consciousness and enable me to see the Divine Plan for my lifestream. As I touch the hem of thy Garment, may the return currents of Love, Peace, and God Illumination pour through me to lift the consciousness of all life on our planet.

Help me to see the lessons presented to me in my everyday experiences and may I develop the Wisdom to put them to use as I pass through my own Universe. I ask that you remain in the auras of our children, for they need your unfailing guidance and love.

May all life be blessed with your Presence, Here and Now... So be It!






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