South American Conference

Lady Mercedes

November 28, 1987

My Beloved Children, I come to you as your Mother, and I enfold you In my arms as my child.

Move ever inwards, and dwell within the Flame of Grace that brightly burns on the altar of your heart. From this Seat of Grace you will come to understand the TRUE MEANING OF HUMILITY.

HUMILITY is a GRACE, and I would that you would accept my Gift to you - the Gift of the Grace of Humility. Humility cannot be assumed - it can only be bestowed upon you as a GRACE. With this GRACE I bestow upon you true peace, sound counsel and spiritual comfort, with abundant Grace, and may that Grace stay with you now, and always.

Humility is an awareness of oneself as one truly is. Humility is in no way to be likened to an inferiority complex, which is a very negative approach to life, but humility is a very POSITIVE approach to life, and REAL AWARENESS of oneself as one Truly is.

When you observe yourself within the entire concept of all that is, then you MUST be truly humble - for there is no other way. When you consider the SUPER-ABUNDANT LOVE OF THE GREAT "I AM", to which all nature trembles, and all Saints and Angels bow, then true humility MUST enfold you. How could you behave otherwise?

The SUPER-ABUNDANT LOVE of "I AM" is eternally perfect.

When you let go of the Little Self of the Ego, and allow God's Grace to descend upon you, you become totally oblivious of self, and you are perfectly humbled.

This true humility promotes CLEAR VISION - and you recognize yourself as a disciple. The deeper and the clearer your vision, the more acute will be your realization of your own insignificance in the Great Scheme of things. This is true humility, and for you, my beloved Children, I ask the Great "I AM" to bestow upon each one of you the Grace of HUMILITY.

My arms enfold you, and my heart beats in your heart, my beloved children.

Lady Mercedes







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