Along the Path

Deep Breathing

October 1975

From time to time we bring to your attention the advantages of deep Breathing. In this hurried work-a-day existence of so-called modern living everyone would be tremendously benefited and more advanced spiritually if they would take a few moments daily to practice or engage in the Rhythmic Breath.

As the physical garment is made up of the substance of earth, and the emotional body made up of the substance of water, so is the Holy Christ Self made up of the finest ethers that interpenetrate the Air Element.

Your Holy Christ Self, therefore, is an Air Being who can proceed to function through your brain on the currents of the air. Men it is understood and realized that deep breathing exercises are requisite to the illumination of the outer mind because the vibratory action of the Higher Self comes in on the Breath and vitalizes the brain with the same ethers, the Higher Self finding a corresponding finer vibration within the brain cells of a sympathetic nature, is able to transmit its intelligent direction and illumination easily.

From the foregoing you will see that the Holy Christ Self controls the Breath through the cooperation of the physical vehicle. To court the wisdom of the Higher Self one must draw in the Breath (Prana) or fine ethers within the Air, which Breath being the substance of the Holy Christ Self, the Christ Self may enter into and become on the two become ONE.

Each month you are apprised of the activities of a specific Retreat or Focus of Light and through the simple expedient of using the Breathing Statement provided you, you not only raise the vibratory action of your lower garment but you draw into your consciousness the glorious Radiation which flows so freely during that period from the Hierarch of the Retreat and the Members of the Brotherhood who serve ceaselessly for the illumination of humankind.  

Experiment with daily using the statement given and you will find your consciousness being raised to lofty heights.

The Maha Chohan


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