The Retreat at Madagascar

(acting jointly with the Retreat at Yucatan October 15th through November 14th) 

The Great Being in charge of the Focus at Madagascar is our Beloved LaMoray, his Quality being Harmony, Peace and Eternal Freedom: This Great Focus works in conjunction with the Retreat at Yucatan. These two Retreats serve on all the Rays in a combined activity and are active at this time to bring about the complete New Vibration. The predominant Qualities of these two mighty Focuses in this age - this GOLDEN AGE - of Love and freedom, are FREEDOM, LOVE, LIFE AND ILLUMINATION EVERLASTING! 

Directly above this Focus at Madagascar is a giant Sunburst, gold in the center with seven points extending from it, each representing one of the Seven Rays. Originally, this Sunburst was used to draw the necessary energy to precipitate the Temple of HARMONY. As soon as the Temple manifested, the Sunburst rose above the Temple where it still draws energy to harmonize and sustain the Focus and send it out into the world. 

The Temple itself is round, consisting of eight huge rooms. The room in the center (the eighth one) is where all activities in the Retreat are centered. The other seven rooms have a Representative from each of the Seven Rays and they all work together in the Temple of Harmony to combine all the qualities into one vibration. The entire Focus is precipitated white marble, and as each room becomes active, this marble becomes transparent so that you can see the activity taking place within it. 

While all Seven of the Rays are represented here, the White Light is the combined activity of all of them. The color of this Retreat is therefore the White Light and ALL the Seven Colors of the Seven Rays! 

The Keynote for this Focus of Harmony is the lovely piece known as "Clair de Lune" by Claude Debussy.


The Retreat at Yucatan, Mexico

(acting jointly with the Retreat at Madagascar October 15th through November 14th)

Long before the beginning of the Christian Dispensation, there was firmly established in the province now known as Yucatan, Mexico, a Golden Age wherein all people under the kindly but wise rule of their leader, Kenich Ahan (since ascended), worshipped the Love, Wisdom and Power directed by Helios and Vesta, and which has sustained the planet Earth and her attendant evolutions. 

As in the case of so many civilizations which have flourished, brought great Light to the people and then have been scoffed at, the people of the Mayan Civilization knew long before their temporary conquest by those interested in securing the gold which they used so freely to adorn their Temples and persons, that for a posterity who should desire to understand their True Knowledge, there must be written upon pure gold leaf, the Truth of their civilization and its findings, in regard to the Presence of Deity here in the world of form. They, obedient to the Divine Will, inscribed these Truths on fifty-two golden plates, threaded on gold bars, engraved with characters relating to the entire constructive history of the Mayan people. 

Rumor has it that later conquistadors found these plates, not cognizing the important information contained therein, and melted them down for the intrinsic value thereof. However, this is not true! Kenich Ahan and his White Priesthood knew, long before the decline of his civilization what could become the fate of these priceless and ageless Documents and made the necessary precautionary steps to preserve them. 

Within a Sacred Mountain in Yucatan, scarcely fifty miles from the present Capital "Merida," Kenich Ahan and his Brotherhood of Light placed these documents, and to the present day his descendants and followers guard them, as well as the glorious Golden Flame of Light Eternal which contains the Twelve Aspects of Deity (magnetized from the aura of Helios and Vesta). This Mountain is called UXMAL. To the ordinary tourist of today, it is merely a large mound of earth containing within and upon its surface the the remnants of various Temples. 

Kenich Ahan has come to dwell again within this Sacred Mountain and invites you, beloved ones, not seeking gold or personal aggrandizement, to enter into the very simple Maya Lodge which looks similar to that of the learned archaeologists. When your Light has been tested, your sincerity of purpose proven - a servant, tall, slim and graceful, will part the curtain which divides the Lodge from the Inner Temple and invite you to enter the long illumined corridor which leads deep into the heart of UXMAL wherein is sustained the glorious Golden Flame of Light Eternal! Here you can join with other selfless Chelas, in prostrating yourselves before the Flame of the Light Eternal and then, absorb into yourself more of that LIGHT and the very Nature of Helios and Vesta themselves. 

Returning to your physical vehicles after such a visitation in projected consciousness, your own Holy Christ Flame can and does expand that LIGHT ETERNAL for the benefaction of yourselves and all imprisoned life everywhere. 

Be assured, beloved ones that no human being is allowed to touch the heart of UXMAL, although they play upon the surface of this Sacred Mount. In these times of world crises, the LIGHT OF KENICH AHAN and HIS WHITE BROTHERHOOD again radiate forth to bless into perfection Mexico, Cuba and Central America particularly, and you are privileged to be the first to trace your fingers upon the Golden Plates, face the glorious Sun God KENICH AHAN, absorb into your emotional, mental, etheric and physical vehicles, his Light and that of the Flame Eternal. What shall you do with this privilege? Remember your own previous association with these people? Admire their perseverance? Or become NOW A RADIATING CENTER OF THE LIGHT OF HELIOS AND VESTA? 

We shall see - and upon your innermost motives will revolve your further instruction upon Esoteric Truth! 

The mighty Hierarch of UXMAL, Kenich Ahan is pure Aryan. In stature he towers over eight feet. The magnificence of his garments are scarce describable. For ceremonial purposes Kenich Ahan wears a Golden Robe of a substance of such beauty of texture that its counterpart cannot be released into the physical world at this time. 

Over his Golden Ceremonial Robe, he wears a cape which extends to just above the bend of the knee. We would describe this as a half-cape over the back, fastened to epaulets of gold. The cape while seemingly heavy in texture falls gracefully in pleats from the epaulets. Emblazoned on the cape is a glorious circle, symbolic of the Sun. The pleating of the material produces the effect that the Light from the Sun does, blazing forth in constant pulsation, the colors of the Virtues of the Godhead intermingling one with the other like unto the Causal Body. For ceremonial Activity Kenich Ahan's hair is plaited over which he wears a golden band, fastened in the center front with a magnificent topaz. 

The Focus itself constantly emits a golden glow inviting the student who so desires to take this Quality of Life Everlasting and firmly anchor it in his own world. 

Upon entering this Retreat, you will find it very simple in appearance and seemingly plain for such a powerful Focus. This is because of the great desire of our Beloved Kenich Ahan to take as many as possible of the lifestreams who are now embodied in the vicinity of this Focus, and who were some of the leaders in the ancient Mayan civilization into this Focus and allow them one more opportunity to complete the service they started centuries ago. 

In order that these individuals may recognize the Temple they once served in, it has remained unchanged to the present day, although where the Flame itself of Life Everlasting is kept is a magnificently beautiful room as are the quarters of Kenich Ahan. 

The lifestreams who originally assisted Kenich Ahan - seven hundred and thirty in number - will be the ones responsible for some day making this wonderful Focus visible to all mankind and in making it the most glorious and magnificent ever known. 


The Keynote of this glorious Retreat is contained in the Christmas Carol: "WHAT CHILD IS THIS?" - the modern version of which is the song: "GREENSLEEVES." 


With the opening of these two Powerful Retreats, acting together, there will be a very tremendous release and expansion of Light upon the Earth, which will step-up the energy enfolding every individual on the planet. 

It will be the wise student who will intensify the Power of Purity, Harmony and Love in his own world so that there is only GOOD expanded and returned to him.





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