Sit down many times a day and STILL your mental and feeling worlds. Picture your Mind as a calm lake. Offer it to the Presence and allow the whole Light of the Presence to play upon your mind; it will illumine all things to you and set your pattern in the course of thinking and living anew. 

One reason for dissonance and confusion when a number of people are living and working together towards one activity is, that each individual is receiving through the channel of his own mind a series of reports and suggestions. Through evolution and through inner pressure of feelings and karmic ties, no two unascended beings think alike until their minds are completely trained to tune in to the Inner "I AM" Presence. Each one accepts the jumbled reports of his own consciousness, eager and desirous of helping, full of zeal and honest enthusiasm and allows the energy of his being to back his particular thought processes. When a number of such individuals are associated together, the ideas are naturally not completely harmonious and either confusion or actual conflict ensues. 

Let each one practice daily the conscious attunement with his own "I AM" Presence, through the quieting of the outer self and let the natural activity of your being bring to quick fruition any plan which is from God's Heart. 

This explains why it is so necessary and requisite for you to refrain from telling your plans and ideas to other people until they are completed, for their minds are untrained and form definite opinions, and immediately their Life-force flows into your idea and affects your manifestation adversely.




The Maha Chohan 

If you will relinquish and release all power and authority of the human self to govern the Electronic Light Substance which you have drawn about your life-stream through the course of your evolution, I could transform and transmute that Substance into the Beauty expressed in Nature. I would like to have you see expressed a little of the magical, miracle working power of Perfection's Flame in action when drawn through those electrons so long imprisoned by human thinking and feeling. 

As Beauty through my Cosmic Heart is stamped. upon the elemental substance, and those elements are freed from the misshapen contour which the human consciousness held about them, they become exceedingly joyous and grateful - and, you will see, when Beauty is expressed in face, form, atmosphere and environment that the atmosphere naturally is more harmonious because all Life innately desires to expand Beauty. 

When Beauty's Flame is encased in the human thought of any lifestream, electronic force is imprisoned, and all imprisoned life whether in animal or in man exudes a certain heaviness and unhappiness which accounts for the depression in your slums and all places where there are sordid conditions. 

When Light and Beauty are allowed Freedom to act within the physical form, in the feelings, a home or in an environment, it is the natural expression within the electrons, and produces a buoyant and raising activity of life. 

If you will persevere in your calls, we shall show you what the consciousness of the Maha Chohan can give you in expanding Perfection's Flame through your personal life and the life of all whom you choose to call it through! 

When God the Father created the individual Rays which now are expressing as physical bodies on the Earth, he projected forth a core or focus of Love. Within this God Focus was a tiny replica of the Perfected Being which each one was to become! 

Love is a magnet to the four elements and the Beauty which they express, and around this central core was drawn the substance which makes up the physical body of the lifestream. 

This mighty Focus or Core of Love, which is the Permanent Atom, emits a radiation just as your physical Sun does. By the nature of Its Being, this pulsation of Love stamps the Divine Idea on all the elemental substance of the outer body until the four elements are in perfect expression of this Divine Idea within the heart. That is why individuals will never express Perfection until they become attuned with the vibratory action of Love. 

Love is the fulfillment of the Law. Love is the fulfillment of the Divine Plan and Beauty, and Love alone can mold the substance of the elements into the expression of the Godhead instantly. 

The Universal Light Substance with which you are surrounded is eager to be set free from every limited form and focus that is less than Beauty and Perfection, and that Light Substance would appreciate your use of the Sacred Fire to transmute the malcreations in your world, and then to mold anew the Kingdom of Heaven, not only at your particular point of the Universe, but everywhere for all Life imprisoned and expressing limitation, and let Beauty and Perfection's Flames take their dominion on the Earth once again.





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