Ascended Master Saint Germain

July 4, 1962

Good morning, my dearest ones: You will do me a great favor if you will completely relax and know that I am one of you! I want you to realize and accept that I in this very room and you can see me as I speak these words. 

Do you know that the greatest privilege and honor is yours to be able to serve in this Great Activity and at the same time be free and happy? In the past while many were happy in their service, they were not free, and many were free but not happy! Under this New Vibration it is a necessity for you to be free and happy when engaged in your Divine Service, which should be constantly. To be joyous in this New Activity is as imperative as your daily application, so again may I ask you to relax and accept me into your world as you would anyone in the outer, because actually, beloved ones, I am closer! 

I know what you require to fulfill your Divine Service, and I am here to bring that to the surface so that you may go forth in complete understanding that you are fulfilling your Divine Plan to the exact detail. The LIGHT OF GOD THAT NEVER FAILS must be the Light that sustains you in every activity in the outer or in your Divine Service. This is all you need to know that you are drawing energy from the right Source and properly directing it. If you know this, and if you are doing it, then do not worry about your Divine Plan being fulfilled because this is all you are required to do to fulfill it. Be natural in your own world and accept the constant expansion of Divine Love from every part of Life. 

The only way you may accept yourself as a part of the ONE and accept yourself as ONE with ALL LIFE is to be natural and relaxed at all times. This is when the greatest amount of Light is drawn when you are free of all tension and harmonious with all surrounding vibrations. So be happy, beloved ones, because the New Activity has started and you are instrumental in starting it, so be happy in the knowledge that you are fulfilling your Divine Plan, each one here, and you are providing the energy for the Light as of a Thousand Suns to someday come forth and illumine all mankind and set this Planet in Divine Order, Holy and Free of all imperfections! 

Now some of you are saying for such a great service, are we to take it so lightly? Well, let me tell you this, beloved ones, in comparison with the things that are to come, this is a relatively small service. This is only the first step and your first assignment under this New Activity. You have no idea what you have accepted to do in the years to come, so I want to say to each one here: Do not be surprised at anything that might happen: You are going to be called upon to perform some seemingly great services for the amount of Light you have released, but in reality it will be simple services. I want you to know that any time we ask you to perform a service that we know in advance that you will be capable of fulfilling our request or we would never ask it! 

I would like to make a special decree at this time, that you be charged with the Violet Flame and wherever you move that you may anchor it! Today, if you will, picture your entire body composed of Violet Fire moving about and everywhere you step I want you to visualize the Violet Flame firmly anchored in the Planet. Will you do this for me? Remember, you are capable of it or I would not request it! So go forth today FREEING EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH, but remember - be HAPPY about it - and know that I stand by to render any possible assistance. All that is required on your part is to allow me once you provide the channel. 

All my Love to each of you, and as our Beloved El Morya has said, this class will not end but continue, and next year we will BEGIN where we have left off today: All I ask you to do is prepare for it. 

God bless you forever, forever and forever and for all you have done in the past and all you shall do in the future, and I wish you a Good Day. 

I thank you so very much.









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