A digest in Spanish of "The Bridge to Freedom" has been compiled, edited, printed and is being distributed by our beloved F. C. Pita, of Havana, Cuba, whose tireless efforts and selfless service also brought to birth the first "Bridge" in English, in April of 1952. 

Our beloved brother has sent these little representatives of the Masters of Wisdom to the countries where the Spanish language is spoken. There are many, many people who are so grateful to have the opportunity to read of the current activities of the Great White Brotherhood in their own language.


A short excerpt of a recent article from "The Bridge to Freedom" was kindly published gratuitously in the Spanish journal "Manana" at the request of our Mr. Pita. Since then he has received many requests from the Spanish-speaking people for more literature about our beloved Masters.


Sample copies of "El Puente" will be sent free by Mr. Pita 1 to anyone who wishes to receive them, either personally or for their friends. For this purpose, you are invited to write to Foreign Translation Department, SPANISH SECTION, "The Bridge to Freedom", P.O. Box 335, Philadelphia, 5, Pa. Any love offerings for this good work may be made out to "The Bridge to Freedom" and will be immediately turned over to Mr. Pita to defray the costs of this free distribution he has offered and to expand the work.


Mr. Pita is now engaged in translating into Spanish "The Seventh Ray" and "The First Ray" as the demand, prompted by the distribution of the little "El Puente" requires the supplying of more material as quickly as possible.


To you, dear Mr. Pita, we say "For your kindness, foresight, and loving co-operation, both with the Masters of Wisdom above and those of us who are their staff here below, we say GOD BLESS YOU, Mr. Pita, and GOD BLESS YOUR SINCERE ENDEAVORS."