September 1, 1954


I INVOKE the Full Power of the Holy Spirit to flow through your feeling worlds during this entire thirty-day period which is primarily dedicated to the Love of God as expressed in love for your fellowman. The admonition of the Beloved Master Jesus wherein he reminds his followers that if they cannot love HIM whom they have seen, it is useless to profess to love  a God whom they have not seen, bears a lot of thought and earnest contemplation by the seekers after the True Way.


The Third Ray, over which the Beloved Chohan Paul presides, is dedicated to the development of that capacity to truly understand and appreciate the endeavors of the presence of God to develop and mature a portion of the Divine Plan through every lifestream belonging to this evolution. Divine 1 courtesy, of the very first order, is embodied in the chela who has evolved to a point of service to the Hierarchy upon this Ray.


As the sphere of influence of the beautiful home of the Master of Brotherly Love is activated by the Presence of the Spiritual Hierarchy, those who sincerely, deeply and honestly desire to know the joy that lies within the feeling of spiritual brotherhood are invited to turn their attention, their consciousness, their thoughts and invocations toward the Chateau de Liberte. I Am sure you will feel the blessings that flow back on the beam of your directed energies.


The currents of peace, brotherhood, tolerance, understanding, kindliness and gentleness of spirit will flow around the world as the Liberty Flame is given spiritual precedence among the Retreats of the World and those who individually wish to increase this blessing are so joyously and gratefully invited to do so, not only on the opening of the Transmission Flame Activity but throughout this period.


Love and Blessings




September 1, 1954


In the Name, Love, Wisdom and Power of my own God Presence "I AM" and yours also, I send to the Beloved Mother Virgo, the deepest Divine Love and Gratitude of our entire lifestreams for the gift of our dear planet Earth as a platform beneath our feet and a place where we can have opportunity to "make all things right". Every lifestream sooner or later comes to the place where it desires above all else to do this very thing. You and I are at such a place, evinced by our interest in these spiritual Truths given forth by the Ascended Masters. These are men and women who were once like ourselves, but who have trod the path before us and raised their bodies, minds and worlds into Realms of Eternal Light. I call the entire Ascended Host also to bless our beloved Virgo with their special gifts of gratitude and thanksgiving this 30-day period of attention upon her and I ask them to intensify in, through and around ALL life unascended on this Earth today, a deep sense of their responsibility to life for its use.


Beloved friends, just returning from our lovely Conference at the foot of the glorious Teton Mountains, we remember the PURPOSE of that Conference impressed upon our minds so often while we were there by the Beloved Kuthumi. The purpose of that Conference was to charge our worlds as full as possible of REVERENCE and GRATITUDE FOR LIFE. Let us turn the fullness of our reverence and gratitude, for this 30- day period in particular, to our beloved Mother Virgo for the blessings of our Earth-its actual substance beneath our feet and the millions of elemental beings who make possible our existence here through their gifts of earth, air, water and fire. Gratitude consciously poured to and for them will bring release from many unpleasant reactions of the mass karma of the race in the atmosphere or Earth as well as right in its sub stance too. Try it! This month, just once every day, send your conscious love and feeling of gratitude to Beloved Virgo and all her elemental friends and servants to this Earth and its inhabitants. See, if at the end of this 30-day period. You are more blessed in at least one way than when you started this habit. Then you will not care to stop doing this because it is a very comfortable procedure and makes one very happy indeed as they pursue such a habit. If you can get others to do likewise you will be doubly blessed. 

It would be lovely if all those in group activities who participate in sending the Transmission Flame around the Earth would use the song of the month as much as possible during that period. This Retreat of the Beloved Paul the Venetian has the keynote of "The Marseillaise" and the words to "Liberty's Flame", using this melody will be found in the September 1953 issue of "The Bridge". The color of the flame carries the pink, gold and blue of the Unfed Flame.

The statement for this month's breathing activity is:

    1         2                     3      4             5          6                   7     8

"I AM" inbreathing the healing and peace of tolerant love from Paul the Venetian

"I AM" absorbing                "                  "        "                  "                          "          "

"I AM" expanding               "                  "        "                  "                          "          "

"I AM" loving           "                  "        "                  "        "                           "


All our love and blessings to you all, always " I AM"







For use during the 30-day period Sept. 15 through Oct. 14, 1954


Through the beloved Immortal Threefold Flame of Eternal Truth within my beating heart, and in the hearts of all mankind, I call to the Heart of the Great Central Sun for the instantaneous and eternal release or limitless oceans of its blessings of Cosmic Christ Love and Gratitude supreme to flood to our beloved Virgo (Mother Earth) in such overwhelming power that it completely releases as quickly as possible all the elemental life serving the planet Earth from all that was never meant to be. Let this outpouring of pure Light from the Source of life to our System raise all that life into the beauty, dignity, purity and perfection God created in the beginning and keep that perfection sustained and ever expanding. Beloved Virgo and all who serve with you-WE LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU and offer all we are and have to help in setting your dear Earth free quickly!


Beloved Mighty Presence of God, "I AM" in me… O! Thou beloved Immortal Flame of Eternal Truth within my heart, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, and especially to the beloved Paul, the Venetian Master, do we call:


"Oh, let the Flame of Liberty now seal our planet round!

Expand its power of tolerant love 'til not an atom's bound!

Now let it do its Cosmic work and bring our dear Earth peace

Let cruelty and hatred, man to man, forever cease!

Oh, let the Heavens open and from Realms of Light above

Let there descend the substance and authority of God's love.

That golden substance from God's heart, let it all life enfold

And bring about on Earth today the glory all untold

Of that which reigned here long before the discord of today

That Golden Age now comes again, this time fore'er to stay.

This Flame of Cosmic Liberty so guarded by dear Paul,

From his Chateau de Liberte will come at each one's call.

Our deepest love and gratitude to him who serves so well

Dear Unfed Flame! RISE! Bless His Name! in all who on Earth dwell."




"Beloved Ones! Within your heartbeat is the Flame by which even your physical body is coalesced and sustained. It is the power that keeps the very atoms that make up your physical body from flying back into the unformed and seeking refuge in the light and happiness of the Sun. It is the Flame which gives intelligence to the consciousness. by which you comprehend my words and by which all of your senses, sight and hearing and the other senses, function. It is the activity by which your physical body moves about and is enabled to remain erect, defying the gravity pull which, by all natural law, would necessitate your lying prone on the ground. You have accepted those powers of the Unfed Flame. I implore you tonight, contemplate the power of that LIBERTY FLAME within you and allow it to show you the magnetic pull that is within Its heart...."       

Paul, the Venetian.




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