You will never know the fullness of comfort in your own feelings until you can at will direct the Flame and be the master control of the energy within and around you, according to the requirement of the hour. For comfort is manifold, my children, and each experience of your daily life will require of you a different activity in order to be a comfort to those you contact. In some, the requirement may be for peace of mind; in others, the comfort sought may be for the manifestation of supply; in others, it may be in the melting of a creation of hate or confusion. All are the manifestations of comfort, but when you have learned to let your own Heart Flame, like an open Lotus, just conduct my substance, then whatever the requirement of your hour, I will give you my momentum and through you will render the service. 


Will you please take your stand against releasing criticism in thought, feeling or spoken word? You see, it makes the purification and cleansing of the earth plane an endless task, if those who know that energy acts according to their qualification of it still continue to pour it forth qualified imperfectly. What purpose to spend an hour with the Violet Flame, and then 12 hours feeding discord into a planet sick unto death with unhappiness.

Your goal is perfection! Your standard of conduct should be perfection! Your Masters express only perfection! Your Presence is perfection! You want to be perfection in action, as quickly as possible! Why not start now? Measure your every thought, word andĚ deed against perfection, and if it does not meet that test, discard it IMMEDIATELY BEFORE USING. Do not release it into the world! Why work for hours consuming distress and then in every idle moment generate its cause again! 


I am grateful indeed that your souls and spirits choose to warm themselves in the Fire of my own Being, for contagion of enthusiasm and shared vision bring to us, through the "faithful open doors of consciousness," fulfillment! We stand in a realm into which we have voluntarily stepped, renouncing by so doing the right to act in the spheres below us except in agreement with the impersonal radiation that flows, like the light of the Sun. To this we contribute for the general nourishment of the race and the specific germination of our ideas and plans into such receptive consciousnesses as may, from time to time, magnetize the "floating particles" that permeate the lower atmosphere. These are, in essence the plans and ideas of the Brotherhood. we rely, therefore, on the natural interests of men and women-and sometimes children - to magnetize our particular ideas out of the atmosphere of earth and, if they are sensitive and determined enough, they sometimes follow that idea through to a good manifestation. However, these ideas can also become "playthings" for the idle mind if one has not the determination to give them the time and attention necessary for their fulfillment. 


I commend you individually. I am called by the sons and daughters of Heaven, in a jesting manner, "My Brother's Keeper" for once, long ago, when that question was asked, I, within myself, answered silently in the affirmative and said with deep, sincere feeling, "Yes, I am my Brother's Keeper." All through the long ages, I have remembered that Inner vow, made to no man, but to the Flame of God within my heart, I have endeavored in my service to the mankind of earth to remember always that the heart motive within my brother deserved at least the silence of myself that I might understand and, hearing that heartbeat, respond in a manner to give Freedom and assistance to the Flame. that is endeavoring to pour through the soul and fulfill its Divine Plan. Have you heard the song of the Unfed Flame in the heart of your friends and associates, your family, your loved ones, your fellow workers in this magnificent Cause?

It is a beautiful thing to become still enough first to hear your own heartbeat; to feel the Power within that Unfed Flame; to know It as the most magnificent, majestic, transcendent, triumphant, victorious power in the universe ... in fact the only power that can act, or would act, except for your dear misguided qualification. 


Now we are coming consciously again to the melting of the veil through the use of the Sacred Fire. We can melt it and dissolve it day after day, year after year, and century after century, but unless we can stop the creative centers within man's feeling body and his thought world from re-spinning the cocoon in which he sleeps, we accomplish nothing of lasting value. As the elementals at night clear the air from the dust and unpleasantness of the day's life, and give you the morning freshness with the dew tipped grasses, so do those Beings in the Mercy Temple and the Temples of the Sacred Fire melt that human veil constantly, and yet even among the "elect" there is that constant generation of the human effluvia, which is the veil that blots out the Consciousness of the Divinity. 


The God life of the Universe created these lower vehicles to express a Divine Plan and when the individual will return the government to the God Self within, he will find that this constant battle and turmoil will cease. Instead of each individual's world being an ARENA with these lower bodies seeking to secure one's attention and energy, the individual's consciousness will become an outpouring of God's Will. 


Energy takes on quality through the conscious direction of the feelings of the individual.

Energy, which is light substance animated by the Holy Spirit, is the primal essence from which all draw without limit.

From the Flame, there is constantly pulsating into the Universe, the energy of Life and the quality imposed upon that energy becomes the responsibility of the individual.

Much has been written on the Law of Love, which is the cohesive power of the Universe. It is the magnet of attraction drawing all toward the center, generating and pouring forth the Flame of Love.

Love is the Keynote of the Universe and the keynote of every lifestream. When you consciously attune yourself to the Presence of Love and quicken the action of your inner bodies until they become conductors for the Flaming Substance of Divine Love, you will find the very substance of earth drawn toward you for a blessing. 


All of the mankind of earth must one day measure the Word of God by the light of their own hearts and the intelligence within their consciousness, and we shall endeavor ever to assist you to remember to fear no man. Doubt and uncertainty arise from fear, and all of these qualities melt when you can remain in the calm poise of your own God Flame and say to all life, not in sentimental, emotional, and spasmodic spurts, but constantly, silently, or when necessary, audibly, "I love you." ...whether it is the individuals with whom you serve; whether it is your service to life in the business world; whether it is the inanimate objects by which your service is performed; or whether it is your own household.

Love is the most marvelous alchemy in the world. You can keep yourself free from so many of these tensions that build if you love your service and let it happily flow forth to accomplishment. Beloved friends, I love you - each and every one and as you will one day stand free, arms outstretched, hearts upraised, souls purified, you will know I have spoken God's Truth to you!







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