January 1, 2021

Beloved ones,

“Be still and know that I AM God” is one of the most perfect truths ever presented to the outer minds of humanity. This simple statement if taken within is so profound and so insightful that you can spend weeks and months meditating upon its meaning and then still reflect upon its many gifts throughout your life.

As you know the physical atmosphere of your Earth is populated by an invisible but powerful company of angels, devas, elementals, masters, and other great cosmic beings who are constantly traveling amongst the people of Earth. Their glorious auras and powerful radiation frequently pass through the bodies, minds, feelings, memories, and worlds  of humankind just as the radiation of your physical sun does. Without either acknowledgement or understanding, every member of the human kingdom is constantly bathed in the living, loving Light of these many magnificent Presences.

Those individuals who have learned to still their outer minds are constant, conscious beneficiaries of these silent companions who gently stimulate their brains and illuminate them without limit. Unfortunately, many students continue to be caught up in their own human thoughts and feelings of themselves and others. Therefore, the great expansion of consciousness which they could achieve by allowing the Masters of Light to utilize the instrument of their minds as a cosmic mirror is lost.

Even when these blessed Beings of Light enter a group of individuals gathered together  for spiritual purposes the mindless chatter of human thoughts, emotions and self-centered consciousnesses are such that, even though we speak with the tongues of angels, it avails them nothing. However, it is the constant, humble, listening attitude of grace directed Heavenward that will accelerate a chela’s progress and open him or her to a vast sea of knowledge and a tremendous personal storehouse of wisdom and instruction derived by embodiment after embodiment, which he or she will never benefit from until they are willing to be still and, in this sacred stillness, come to know their own Divine Presence.

The process of spiritual evolution is an intricate and beautiful study. Every lifeform that has come forth and been endowed by their Mother-Father God, with the gift of intelligence is preordained  as to what their perfect place in the Great Divine Plan is. This grand universal design for all life requires the proper placement of every lifestream in his or her own perfect orbit. As an example, your physical sun and the planets that surround it, form the divine plan for that specific system of worlds. As each planet remains within its own orbit it fulfills its divine destiny by enriching the entire system yet also enjoys an inspiring individual life within the collective. Every member of humanity must also accept their rightful place in the universe by surrendering their human will to that of their Divine Self or I AM Presence.

When individuals continue to assume and assert their human will they prevent the pure energy of the Godhead to flow forth. Instead, they use this sacred gift for personal reasons rather than for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan. Ultimately, such a course of action will create a life where there is no happiness, no security, and no true peace.

How easily it has been during this year of 2020 to fall into this trap with all the challenges, tests, distractions, and loss humanity has experienced. If you take a few moments to go back over the past twelve months I’m sure you will find many instances where you could have responded differently and not continue to carry the negativity you created around with you to this day.

I say to all of you as you now stand at the threshold of a brand new year, pure and perfect in its design, it is up to you each one to release and let go of everything in your life that you do not desire to carry forward and created  either in the ancient past or as recently as yesterday. This, beloved ones, you must do and do it forthwith, not only for yourselves but for all life on your blessed Earth!

So, take some time, right here and right now, to call forth the Violet Fire! Use it to cleanse, purify, transmute, and release all not of the Light—within and around you—that has impeded your spiritual growth and that of others in any way. Refuse to continue to sustain the destructive patterns of the past! Along with this,  I would also like you to consider using the freeing and liberating sacred Violet Fire in the following instance.

The Spirit of the Home has long been considered by individuals as a living, breathing entity with a consciousness and an evolution of its own which is affected and influenced by the lifestreams who dwell within the aura of such a great elemental being.

As you have readily come to understand, the forces of the four elements in your own body are impressionable and take on the qualities and characteristics that your energy has poured through them during your many incarnations. The Spirit of the Home is also subject to these same conditions but in a slightly different way.

When the idea or blueprint of the simplest habitation is formed in a human mind, at that time the Divine Presence which gave that idea to the individual also draws forth an elemental spirit to be the guarding and protecting presence of that physical manifestation. In fact, all manifest form has such an invisible elemental guardian. As the home materializes into visible form this elemental spirit overshadows it. Just as the causal body of a brand-new spirit spark  it contains no form, no color, and no memories. It is but a pulsating vibration more or less at the mercy of the lifestreams who will inhabit the house and govern the forcefield around that home, which is in truth the body of the elemental spirit.

As we observe areas where homes have been built but as yet uninhabited, these simple elemental beings greet those of us in the higher realms in their own gentle way and we hope their fate is to be a happy and harmonious habitation as each guardian presence await the entrance of a family with the same anticipation individuals await a new member of the family whom none have ever seen or heard before.

In Europe particularly, immense feudal castles and manors of great beauty have endured through the centuries and the flourishing aura of their elemental guardian spirit stretches forth across the countryside embracing many acres of land. We find these spirits heavily imbued with the qualities  and the characteristics of the many families who have shared their lives, their consciousness, and their etheric records  with the great elemental devas in charge of these exquisite residences. Both perfect and imperfect records of totally unconscious human beings wrote their history on the body of this living being of great Light and they remain to this day.

Even after a home has fallen into disrepair and is then reclaimed and restored the elemental lifeform becomes very grateful as happiness and joy fills its space once again, which in turn allows the Spirit of that Home to continuously pour forth great blessings upon the lifestreams who have made possible that beauty and perfection and call the house their home.

Beloved ones imagine what your life could be like if you took time each day to consciously acknowledge this powerful elemental being of Light who shelters and protects you and your family each day. If this is something you would like to have in your life, then on behalf of the Spirit of your Home call forth and use the sacred Violet Fire. You don’t have to create an elaborate ceremony. It need only be a few minutes in length. Just blaze and blaze and blaze the sacred Violet Fire throughout this great guardian spirit and then fill it with your love.

When the great enfolding radiation of this Spirit feels your happiness and joy as the currents of your love flows in, through and around it, your home will truly be filled with perfection every moment of every day and all life within or anyone who enters will receive a powerful outpouring of God’s Perfect Peace.

In the magnificent world of Sacred Fire, you may serve without limit if you so choose. Your fiats, your decrees, your visualizations, and your acceptance of  the Truth will ultimately open a door to such an incredible and amazing outpouring of Divine Consciousness which will free you from every appearance not of the Holy Light of Truth.  Within this pure and perfect Truth lies the gifts of hope, beauty, perfection, harmony, balance, joy, and every other quality of the Universal Presence of God. I ask you to be still and know I AM God and fill your home with these wonderful attributes beloved ones. In so doing you will find they will be lovingly returned to you a thousand fold and more! So be it!

Peace be with you.