Group Petition for 2015



From the very heart of the Great Silence I AM invoking the One Infinite Consciousness, to assist all humanity in maintaining a constant feeling and expression of Peace and Love.

I vow to let go of all outer expression and open myself as a chalice to be filled only with Divine Will. I permit my outer self to be silent and in this state of listening grace, I perceive the divine plan taking form. I acknowledge the Divine Presence in all life and I invoke the Light to saturate the consciousness of all humanity, lifting us ever higher until we are ONE within the Universal Consciousness. By Divine Grace we descended to this Earth; in the state of grace we pledge ourselves to remain until the divine plan is manifest; and through this grace we will ascend back into the heart of Oneness.


I will transmute the vibratory action of all energy and substance in my world and in the entire universe. As I AM the sacred personification of the Divine, moving through this world, instantly re-establishing divinity wherever this Sacred Fire is applied. I invoke, concentrate, manifest and sustain this sacred flame for I AM a director of this flame and I AM grateful to unleash its power of Love and Light on our planet Earth… I AM the Divine embodiment, charging the Violet Transmuting Flames in, through and around all of Planet Earth!

In oneness of consciousness I AM the cause of this blessing; I AM the bridge over which it flows; and I AM its final effects of divinity re-establishing the divine plan manifest in the world of form. 

I AM the flame of Divinity in action… I AM the sacred fire breath of God…

So be it, I AM that I AM…