Explanation of the Bridge
The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom has come forth to create, establish, and maintain a 'bridge of consciousness' between the human and divine realms so that God Illumination can flow forth to all who desire to receive this information. This is accomplished through the following avenues:

We write, publish and teach religious doctrine and spiritual law given to this Activity through members of The Great White Brotherhood. This includes teaching methods for actively applying divine principles here on Earth by providing directed, cooperative, synchronized world service.

We encourage the establishment of groups of spiritually-minded men and women in every country of the world to act as outposts for the radiation and love of God.

We provide a reader's forum to unite world thought, aspirations and endeavors. We accomplish this by publishing in several languages (English, Spanish and German at this time, and in the past French) so that people of all nations may participate in our programs.

We are supported, primarily through contributions from our worldwide congregation, income received during several planetary conferences throughout the year, and the sale of newsletters, periodicals, books and other related items. All donations are tax deductible according to the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America

Basic Philosophy

As with any religious or philosophically based organization, there are certain beliefs which form our foundation. Some of the basic core beliefs which this Activity particularly embraces are:

1. A belief in re-incarnation or re-embodiment. This is the logical path by which human beings evolve spiritually, in understanding and expression.

2. A belief in the concept of an indwelling Christ, or Higher Power, active in each person. It is possible, and indeed necessary, for all people to evolve to the point where this 'Higher Self' will manifest in and through the physical world.

3. A belief in eternal life. Life-everlasting, as expressed not only in the physical world, but also in higher vibratory levels of expression.

4. A belief in the reality of the Ascended Masters, beloved Master Jesus being one of them. These highly evolved Beings,  can and do, counsel and guide us upon our spiritual paths in various ways. It is also possible for us to work directly with them for the highest good of all life on planet Earth.

5. The Ascension. A daily and hourly process by which one's life energy is perfectly balanced through the healing of the individual at all levels of consciousness. Every thought, feeling, word, and deed - every atom of energy within - must eventually be purified and transmuted back into God's Perfection,  then sustained and maintained.


Thoughtform and Theme